Recipes + Uses

for a more simple structure

We formulate our spice blends to be used in a manner free of recipes and for a more simple structure

Uses & Guidelines
 - Leave at the table and use like salt and pepper or incorporate into your favorite recipes. Most people simple use a small spoon or pinch with their fingers to sprinkle over or in the dish. When adding the mix to a dip or sauce just remember you can always add but not take away so go slowly and taste. Use your intuition to add, sprinkle, and cover food you are cooking or simply leave at the table for people to enjoy after you have cooked the bones of the meal. 
- Because there are no anti-caking agents in these spice mixes, make sure not to pour from the jar over steaming food as the moisture will cause the blend to clump up and be hard to use. 

Customer Favorite Applications:

 - Burgers: Add a rounded tsp of beef spice per pound of ground beef for burgers. You may want to add more or less the next time you use them, based on your preference. 
 - Breakfast Sausage:  Add rounded tsp of beef spice per pound of ground pork for a breakfast sausage like taste
 - Dip: Add 1/2 tsp at a time of the fish spice mix to greek yogurt for a ranch style dip tasting as you go
 - Movie Night Popcorn:  Sprinkle the taco seasoning mix over air-popped popcorn to your taste
 - Seafood:  Lightly coat each side of fish with the fish spice mix as you pan fry it or grill

Have you ever started to learn how to cook and then drowned in the millions of recipes on the internet? 

If you have experimented and found one of our spice mixes work well in a recipe, we would love to hear from you! Please email us your story or tag us on Instagram. 

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Product Philosophy

Pure Old World makes products that are healthy, sustainable, and delicious. That means our broths and spices have no fillers, flavorings, anti-caking agents, preservatives, radiated material, high-salt content, plastic packaging, or non- vetted sources. Our animal based ingredients are only from local farms that we inspect and have an ongoing relationship with. Our veggies and spices come from organic and non-irradiated sources. The packaging is glass so there is no worry for you or the earths water systems. We don’t sell online to keep our carbon and material footprint to a minimum. This is a regional business committed to making money but not at the expense of our customers health or the earth we steward. Whether you are looking for flavor, purity, local, or all of the above we are the right choice to stock you freezer and cabinet with. 

In addition, all of our products are AIP compliant. What does this mean? Autoimmune Protocol diets are growing as people try to improve their quality of life from the adverse effects of over 80 Autoimmune Conditions that are flooding our nation. This group of warriors comprises only 5% of our customers base but is the reason we started the business. All products are AIP compliant. Which means there are no seed based spices or nightshades. The goal from the beginning was for someone with a restricted diet and no idea how to cook could go from Zero to Sixty in no time. Between our broths and spices (which have over 30 uses) one could in theory, get meat and veggies and not be choking on baked chicken by week 2.

What Makes Our Broth and Spices Different?

Who Makes Our Products?

We do!!! Right here in the Charlotte area! We are based out of South Charlotte, have farmers around Charlotte, and produce in a commercial kitchen in Concord. The bones are from local farms and the rest comes from wholesale, organic sources. The more we grow the better Charlotte does! 

Kind words

"Love this broth! We've tried chicken, beef, and water buffalo. All very tasty and different. Can be used in different ways because each is so unique in flavor. The concentration is great and is great for soups, veggies, and giving to my baby boy - mixed with any solids I give him." 
 - Lilia

Kind words

"I'm grateful to have discovered this amazing broth. It's rich in spices, taste, and lots of gelatin goodness! It is so easy to drink because the flavor speaks for itself and I never have to add anything to accentuate. The big test is the kids and they drink it up. Plus it cooks so well. My rice has never tasted better. I'm glad I can have pure, unadulterated broth in this busy season of life when I can't make it. Keep rocking!" 
- Debbie

Kind words

"Hey, I bought "taco" spices from you this past weekend. OMG is all I can say!!! I tried it on homemade french fries, on salmon, and on steak, It's freaking AMAZING!!! My family loves it. Thank you so much!" 
- Janet