Our Story

Pure Old World is a company dedicated to creating products that are sustainable from creation to end use. An idea born out of personal sickness, we are pleased to offer a line of products that make eating for your highest quality of life simple and sustainable. Our bone broth will nourish you while our spices will keep you from getting bored with the whole foods you prepare. Our clients range from those battling an autoimmune condition, simply wanting relief for joints and skin, or craving that edge a diet can give for performance. All this while building the local ecosystem and supporting local. 

This company has been in the making for years. There is so much to tell you. Stories of sickness and health. Stories of failures and triumphs. Stories of our quest to create better health for people and nature. Pure Old World is a company that aims to make it easier for the average person to have truly health giving products as they make their way in this new world. The bone broth and seasoning product lines were originally made by Trevor for his mother and friends dealing with the autoimmune community that has over 80 known variations of autoimmune conditions. Now they are made for the public to add into a diet change.

who we are

Meet the Team

After years of dealing with many health issues I found a measure of health and peace in the wisdom of the old world. I mean the old ways of farming, cooking, fermenting, healing, and lifestyle. This makes sense to me since I grew up on Humphrey Bogart and John Wayne.  I believe we threw away too much of the past with the advances of the present, especially in relation to food. Don't call me an old soul though, there is so much life ahead.

Meet Trevor

What I'm known for

John Wayne quotes, kombucha, boring people with the latest health research or random history, being intense, ingredient snob, hiking, and dreaming so big people laugh!

I am a Cuban/Scottish mess that was raised in the South & born in the wrong decade. 

My passions have always been in art and exercise having been a ballerina for years. My fight for health began in my early 20s when I was diagnosed with scoliosis and a number of hormonal issues. After years of seeking medical help and experimentation with my diet, I am starting to experience freedom to perform well in my career and art, and enjoy my marriage. My hope is that Pure Old World helps to simplify and bring nourishment to the place where people go to begin being proactive with their help: the kitchen.

Meet Bethany

What I'm known for

Art, seeing how strong I can make my coffee, pulling out my calculator at the dinner table, being intense, and walking everywhere!

I am a yankee-southern hybrid that once decided to replace my afternoon coffee with a cup of broth 

Transparency is one of the great issues of our time. Food labels and laws have been so muddled it can be challenging to understand what to believe. We go to the farm or vet the company to make sure what you read on our label is EVERYTHING!

We make things transparent

what makes us different

Animals raised using sustainable agriculture practices can heal the land. Animals that are raised using sustainable agriculture practices are part of a healthy diet. Why don't we help mother nature so she can help us? 

We believe healing people and the land go hand in hand

what makes us different

They may only be five percent of our customer base but they are why we started. All products will have zero nightshades, nuts, seeds, seed based spices, nightshade based spices, high sodium, eggs, anti-clotting agents, preservatives, or fillers. 

People following an autoimmune protocol diet are kept in mind for ALL ingredients

what makes us different

Product Philosophy

Pure Old World makes products that are healthy, sustainable, and delicious. That means our broths and spices have no fillers, flavorings, anti-caking agents, preservatives, radiated material, high-salt content, plastic packaging, or non- vetted sources. Our animal based ingredients are only from local farms that we inspect and have an ongoing relationship with. Our veggies and spices come from organic and non-irradiated sources. The packaging is glass so there is no worry for you or the earths water systems. We don’t sell online to keep our carbon and material footprint to a minimum. This is a regional business committed to making money but not at the expense of our customers health or the earth we steward. Whether you are looking for flavor, purity, local, or all of the above we are the right choice to stock you freezer and cabinet with. 

In addition, all of our products are AIP compliant. What does this mean? Autoimmune Protocol diets are growing as people try to improve their quality of life from the adverse effects of over 80 Autoimmune Conditions that are flooding our nation. This group of warriors comprises only 5% of our customers base but is the reason we started the business. All products are AIP compliant. Which means there are no seed based spices or nightshades. The goal from the beginning was for someone with a restricted diet and no idea how to cook could go from Zero to Sixty in no time. Between our broths and spices (which have over 30 uses) one could in theory, get meat and veggies and not be choking on baked chicken by week 2.

What Makes Our Broth and Spices Different?

Who Makes Our Products?

We do!!! Right here in the Charlotte area! We are based out of South Charlotte, have farmers around Charlotte, and produce in a commercial kitchen in Concord. The bones are from local farms and the rest comes from wholesale, organic sources. The more we grow the better Charlotte does! 

Pure Old World partners with regional farms practicing sustainable and regenerative agricultural practices. Most people do not enjoy nuance but we thrive on it. Industrial farming is everything the media demonizes it for. Local farms using regenerative grazing and planting are the complete opposite of a industrial farm. Instead of polluting the environment they enrich it. Instead of producing greenhouse gases they consume it. Instead of making people sick they heal them. Instead of creating deserts they bring the green. Instead of making the weather worse they make it better. Instead of practicing cruelty they practice compassion. Follow the blog for posts we will write on the benefits of eating local and regenerative. It is easier than you think!

Farm Partnerships

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Creekside Farms is located in Mt. Pleasant North Carolina and is owned by Chad and Faith Voncannon. They are an absolute power team with Chad being a NC State engineering grad and Faith being a NC State Business Agriculture grad. Their farm shows this from their wood burning hot water heater to the tricked out website and Greater Charlotte area delivery for a 6 dollar fee! We have inspected their farm and buy chicken and beef bones from them though they do also sell pork products. Hop on over to their website if you can't make it to the farmers market this weekend.


Creekside Farms

Fading D Farm is located in Salisbury North Carolina and run by David. You will see the Italian flag as you drive in to the farm. He is a dairy creamery making gelato, cheese, and soaps from the Italian sourced Water Buffalo on the farm. Did you know Mozzarella was originally made by the Italians with Water Buffalos? They produce less milk than cows but have a higher fat content making a great cheese. We have inspected the farm and buy bones from David for out Water Buffalo bone broth!


Fading D Farm