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Pure Old World is a company dedicated to creating products that are sustainable from creation to end use. An idea born out of personal sickness, we are pleased to offer a line of products that make eating for your highest quality of life simple and sustainable. Our bone broth will nourish you while our spices will keep you from getting bored with the whole foods you prepare. Our clients range from those battling an autoimmune condition, simply wanting relief for joints and skin, or craving that edge a diet can give for performance. All this while building the local ecosystem and supporting local. 

Hi, We're Pure Old World!

Bone Broth & Spice Mixes made in Charlotte, NC

John Wayne quotes, kombucha, boring people with the latest health research or random history, being intense, ingredient snob, hiking, and dreaming so big people laugh!

what I'm known for:

After years of dealing with many health issues I found a measure of health and peace in the wisdom of the old world. I mean the old ways of farming, cooking, fermenting, healing, and lifestyle. This makes sense to me since I grew up on Humphrey Bogart and John Wayne.  I believe we threw away too much of the past with the advances of the present, especially in relation to food. Don't call me an old soul though, there is so much life ahead!

I am a Cuban/Scottish mess that was raised in the South & born in the wrong decade. 

MEET Trevor

Transparency is one of the great issues of our time. Food labels and laws have been so muddled it can be challenging to understand what to believe. We go to the farm or vet the company to make sure what you read on our label is EVERYTHING!

We make things transparent

what makes us different

Animals raised using sustainable agriculture practices can heal the land. Animals that are raised using sustainable agriculture practices are part of a healthy diet. Why don't we help mother nature so she can help us? 

We believe healing people and the land go hand in hand

what makes us different

They may only be five percent of our customer base but they are why we started. All products will have zero nightshades, nuts, seeds, seed based spices, nightshade based spices, high sodium, eggs, anti-clotting agents, preservatives, or fillers. 

People dealing with an Autoimmune condition are kept in mind for ALL ingredients

what makes us different

kind words

"Love this broth! We've tried chicken, beef, and water buffalo. All very tasty and different. Can be used in different ways because each is so unique in flavor. The concentration is great and is great for soups, veggies, and giving to my baby boy - mixed with any solids I give him." 
 - Lilia

"I'm grateful to have discovered this amazing broth. It's rich in spices, taste, and lots of gelatin goodness! It is so easy to drink because the flavor speaks for itself and I never have to add anything to accentuate. The big test is the kids and they drink it up. Plus it cooks so well. My rice has never tasted better. I'm glad I can have pure, unadulterated broth in this busy season of life when I can't make it. Keep rocking!"
- Debbie

"I bought the veggie spice mixture and I love it! I have used it on roasted veggies in the oven and even put it on chicken - the flavor goes well with everything!"
- Mary

"Hey, I bought "taco" spices from you this past weekend. OMG is all I can say!!! I tried it on homemade french fries, on salmon, and on steak, It's freaking AMAZING!!! My family loves it. Thank you so much!"
- Janet

kind words

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Bone Broth Sold In Pints $8-$12 each
Seasonings Sold in 4 OZ Jars $8-$9.50 each

We are always at the Matthews Community Farmers Market building community Saturdays from 8am to 12pm. Very soon we hope to be in a few awesome stores around Charlotte as well as offer a delivery service that reaches most of the Greater Charlotte Area! Stay tuned by signing up for our super private newsletter (emphasis on private).

If you're still reading this, you might be our kind of people...

Where to Buy


3122 Fincher Farm RD
Suite 502
Matthews, NC 28105

We can't wait to hear from you.



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